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PRIME REAL ESTATE, PRIME REAL ESTATE ITALY,  PRIME REAL ESTATE INTERNATIONAL, PRIME REAL ESTATE ASTE, and  BERGAMO IMMOBILIARE,  and  are trade marks owned by Alessandro Currenti born in New York City, United States of America, in 1970. Entrepreneur, Real Estate Agent and Manager. Since 1993 he is associated with FIAIP (Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents), one of the largest and most dynamic European Category Federations, accredited by the European Parliament. In Italy FIAIP is the technical referent of the O.P.M.I. (Parliamentary Observatory of the Real Estate Market), member of Confindustria, Confedilizia, Tecnoborsa and Confassociazioni and cooperates with CEPI (European Association of Real
Estate Professionals) and with NAR (National Association of Realtors - USA).

Our company & business acitvity

Our business models are characterized by continuous and dynamic operations. The strategy of our brands starts from our historical experience on the markets, defining our present and increasing the changes of our outlined future. Our services are aimed by customers of all kinds, starting from individuals to families, actracting also medium and large investors who are not structured to follow all the itemized projects of the international real estate market. Such Clients include: Family Offices, Private Institutional Investors, Business Banks, Real Estate Asset Management Companys, Industrial and Manufacturing groups, Insurance Companies, and other enterprises.

Guarantee marks for over 25 years

PRIME REAL ESTATE, PRIME REAL ESTATE ITALY,  PRIME REAL ESTATE INTERNATIONAL, PRIME REAL ESTATE ASTE, and  BERGAMO IMMOBILIARE, re registered trademarks, present on the national and international market for over 25 years, sector leaders for their specific know-how in the real estate field, imposes to determine improvement actions and marketing strategies aimed at identifying the best intervention and success actions, indispensable actions in a dynamic and constantly evolving sector. The success of our company is based on the ability to reconcile the requests of customers who are looking for the quality of a professional service of excellence, combined with the need to contain costs.

Our Vision and Mission

Our brands have been created to offer innovative services allined to the continuous and costant changes in the international real estate market. which is daily characterized by profound changes, becoming a point of reference for many families and investors. At the heart of our commitment we have the satisfaction of the Customer, who must have valid advice for the most suitable answer to every need, with the creation of a clear and serene relationship. The reliability and professionalism of the
processes represent the guarantees sought by our Customers, subjects who want to rely on a qualified partner able to support them in strategic and decision-making choices, thus managing to contain the threat of the unknowns of an uncertain market and minimize the risk, without sacrificing quality and control.

Reliable and quality performance

Our company certainly wants to stand out for its reliability and fairness in carrying out its business. The constant professional updating of its collaborators puts them in the best conditions to provide qualified assistance to customers, in full compliance with the Code of Ethics and behavior. The quality is guaranteed with the use of solutions that allow the best results to be obtained in the shortest time. The wealth of people's skills represents the most precious capital for our company and that is why our focus is on investing to increase the value of internal resources and optimize their returns. Innovation and creativity constitute the corporate value, which want to guide the creation of new services and the evolution of existing ones. We believe that the passion of all those who have collaborated and collaborate in making business services grow is one of the differentiating elements that allow us to achieve the objectives set. To achieve results for our customers, we believe it is necessary to involve all levels of the organization in the development of the service and to constantly share and align individual performance with the objectives of the company.

MLS platform with over 4.500 agents, 200.000 propertie and 400.000 shared request

The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) platform favors communication between collaborators connected to our Company and our brands. The goal of the platform is to speed up real estate sales and create a meeting point on the network, between supply and demand, having a huge database available. The MLS platform is designed to speed up the exchange of information and manage a property portfolio common to all employees. In this way it is possible to compare the real estate requests with the whole real estate portfolio present in the database, multiplying the contacts and information exchanges with the result of concluding the sales in the shortest time, based on the concept that collaboration creates value.

Offered service

  • Brokerage for the sale and leasing of residential, commercial, industrial and artisanal properties.
  • Property Finding (we operate in the interest of the Client by managing his research objectives and offering a specialized service through a deep knowledge of the markets, having a network of consolidated national and international relations).
  • Management of the sale and leasing of entire complexes of new construction on behalf of construction companies.
  • Commercial and strategic real estate analysis.
  • Real estate asset evaluation and development potential.
  • Valuations of real estate properties.
  • Real Estate Auctions (support, consultancy and assistance for participation in the auction, asset selection and technical, financial and legal assistance).
  • Management and marketing of real estate.
  • Market segmentation and real estate analysis.
  • Customer analysis, target and avatar identification.
  • Marketing and communication campaigns.
  • Management of the real estate negotiation.
  • Management of contracts and bureaucracy related to the real estate sale.
  • Agreements with major credit institutions for the provision of loans.
  • Technical advice provided by engineers, architects and surveyors.
  • Affiliated professional services relating to the design, construction, real estate renovation and interior design.
  • Real estate tax consultancy (We work in close collaboration with professionals with proven experience and ability, able to deal with accounting and tax aspects at a national and international level. We believe, in fact, that setting the investment right away using the most correct formulas, allows us to maximize its benefits).
  • Legal advice (Thanks to the agreements entered into with our partners, we are able to provide highly qualified legal advice. Our clients can rely on and deal directly with professionals during the entire duration of the investment operation).
  • Due diligence activities.
  • Hypocatastal inquiries
  • Real estate energy certification.
  • Insurance agreements.

The result

The competence, the professionalism and the experience guaranteed by our company through our business is helping to address all needs in respect of the domestic and international real estate market, providing you with safe investments.

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